Our Services

Our Services Include

We perfect the workplace coffee experience by providing quality gourmet coffee and coffee services. We do this by supplying a high-quality brewing system to your team, while our technicians service the machine free of charge.

Delivery & Restocking

We deliver and set up your beverage system at no charge!


We clean and sanitize the equipment each visit.


We perform preventative maintenance.


We repair or replace the machine promptly if required.

tailored to meet the needs of your business

Our Collection can satisfy the demand of any size workplace or working environment. All of our dispensing systems freshly grind the coffee bean for every cup.

Car dealerships, car washes, mechanic shops, service centers

Office buildings, manufacturing plants

Hotels, motels

Spas, salons, barbershops

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Hospitals, retirement communities

Educational facilities & community centers

Movie theatres

Sports and entertainment facilities

Golf clubs, restaurants, diners

Golf clubs, restaurants, diners

Healthy Snacks, Fruit & Water

a person holding a bowl of healthy fruits and snacks

Our hub is a one-stop shop with a team skilled in sourcing premium, good quality, healthy snacks, and fruits to meet the daily coffee and lunch break needs of your employees. We cater to all sorts of office needs and events.

We can also supply water, beverages and disposables to ensure daily operations is optimized. With Robobarrista, you can enjoy a wholesome experience that helps you stay sharp to focus on the major while we take care of the well-being of your staff and clients.

bunch of bananas


handful of nuts

Healthy snacks

bottle of water

Water Supply

Why Choose RoboBarrista?

  • No equipment to purchase
  • Top-quality coffee beans
  • Vending and non-vending options
  • 3 machine sizes to suit any space
  • Weekly maintenance and repair, cleaning, and restocking
  • Environmentally-friendly machines and products
  • Personal service from a locally-owned Small Business
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Additional Benefits

We provide an all-inclusive coffee program for business and the hospitality industry. There is no reason to ever have staff make coffee or clean up again!

our office coffee machines cost you less money that the average coffee solution

Save Money

Affordable fixed price-per-cup structure – Our program saves more money than other popular systems.

our office coffee machines don't produce any waste

No more waste

Better for the environment – No more wasted coffee or individual service wrappings.

you don't need to do any work to take care of our office coffee machines. we do all of it

No Work Required

You don’t have to lift a finger! – You can count on us to take care of your entire coffee and tea program.

our office coffee machines will make your staff happy

Happy Staff

A boost to your employees, while improving productivity and enhancing the workplace experience.